Say Goodbye to Planning Anxiety

Here are 6 easy steps to reach your goals

Dateless Goal Setting planner

Stay organized with this dateless, minimalist goal-setting planner. Despite its simplicity, it is anything but basic. With inserted writing prompts, this effective, no-nonsense, 6 × 9 inch (ca. 23 cm) dot-grid journal will successfully assist you in writing your vision. You can download the free version now.

Dateless Goal Setting planner
Miss Emmy Bee

Hi! I’m Miss Emmy Bee. Thank you for visiting my page. My goal as a content creator is to create things that can transform lives. That’s why I made this planner—so you can benefit from it, too. See how effective it can be to use a planner like mine to help you stay focused and motivated in pursuing your goals. Let’s make 2022 your most successful year yet!

This planner was designed entirely in Canva. If you are curious and would like to create your own planner, click on the link below!